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The Leeloo Dallas MultiFandom Weekly Icon Challenge

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Because I'm a lunatic crackhead, here's yet another weekly icon "challenge" community. I don't like the word "contest," because everyone's a winner in the kingdom of geeks and graphic designers!

To join this community, CLICK HERE.

In the grand tradition established by bicon_challenge and its successors, the rules of multi_pass will be thusly (all dates are approximate):

Every so often near the beginning of the week, a graphic will be posted for that week's challenge. Feel free to crop, colorize, add text, resize, handpaint, whatevah, in the creation of a final 100X100 (or smaller) and <40k icon which you will then post to the community.

Eventually, around Friday, no new submissions will be accepted, and voting will begin on the set of icons posted for that week's challenge.

The votes will be tallied, possibly on a Sunday, and the tiny genius who comes in first will have the option of choosing a new image for the next challenge. These are the rules: Bring us a fictional character. Okay. Those were the rules.

Some special notes:

- due to the multifandomish nature of this challenge, you might find yourself with a cap of a character you're unfamiliar with for the week's challenge. My recommendation is to go for it anyway -- if you don't know the character, use this community to ask around, find out about the character, get a tutorial, stir up some conversation, we're all friends here! -- because it's fun, and because it'll give you a chance to learn about a character or fandom you might otherwise have ignored.

- feel free to enter two icons on any given challenge, it's a nice way to exercise your design muscles, trying to achieve different feels from the same image.

- only members can post; also, only members can vote. For all of these reasons, you should become a member.

- on the day the winners are announced, the appropriate congratulatory response is YAY, as in "yay contrariwise!" in a week where stellamaru won. (Variations on the "yay" theme are also welcome.)

No whiners or pissy people or people who take this crap seriously need apply. multi_pass is for friendly, fannish grownups interested in playing with icons and each other.

Hmpf. *g*

To join this community, CLICK HERE.