Seasonal [001], Name // Sarah [002]

New Challenge

By request of tinnny ...
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Important Dates

(These are subject to change depending on the number of entries)

Submissions will not be accepted after Saturday, July 16th (early, in the morning).
Voting will end on Sunday, July 17th (in the evening.. like.. late).
Winners and a new challenge will be posted on Monday, July 18th.

We'll be continuing in this fashion, unless anyone has any objections.

Here's another thing guys. I don't wanna be all "I'm running this show, in your face, etc." I wanna make sure everyone stays happy. We are now officially out of suggestions. If you have a picture you would like to be turned into a challenge, by all means please comment here with it. If there aren't any suggestions made by the time new winners are posted, I'll just have to pick something myself. But as I said, I just want everyone to be happy here! I want it to be the same here as it is at svu_challenge.
Seasonal [001], Name // Sarah [002]

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Hi guys. Well, there is ONE entry for this week's challenge. So we'll be extending this challenge to Sunday. If we don't have at least 8 entries by Sunday evening.. then we'll make a new challenge and just scrap this one.. Anyone have a problem with that? Just let me know if so. I just don't know if it's the challenge itself that's keeping people from entering, or if people are just busy, which I totally understand either way. Let me know guys.

This challenge has been extended to NEXT FRIDAY
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